Born April 12, 1958 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Recieved my first guitar at 14 years old.

I use to take my guitar to church
and mimmick my uncles during worship service.  But the first song I really learned was "Because You're Mine" by Johnny Cash.
My Uncle Chuck Colegrove was the one who taught that to me.
He was our pastor then.

I drive for Premier Relocations
a Mayflower Transit agent
and I enjoy the moving business.

I wrote my first song at 21
about my son Steven called "Mommy's Little Man".

I been writing ever since. I love classic country music and southern gospel and my vocals are baritone or lower. I believe in Christ,
he is my Lord and Savior.

I have been influenced by many
writers and performers,
such as:

Pastor Chuck Lawrence
of Christ Temple in Huntington, WV

Jimbeau Hinson
Merle Haggard
Kenny Chesney
Tim McGraw

I love music, its a universal language!
Bill Frizzell
Contact Bil Frizzell:

Phone:  270-401-2113

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